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How long does dental bonding last?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that addresses tooth surface flaws in the same way as a porcelain veneer without being as invasive. Your Oakbrook Terrace dentist uses the same composite resin materials as tooth-colored fillings, tinted to match your tooth shade.

To cover various tooth flaws, we sculpt the resin material and harden it with a special curing light. This process creates a stable and attractive restoration that has a lifespan of years.

Caring for your dental bonding treatment includes a good brushing and flossing routine and avoiding excessive hard or sticky foods like nuts or candy. It may remain for five years or longer if you prevent undue damage to your bonding treatment.

What Does Dental Bonding Correct?

Dr. Rivera will recommend dental bonding for tooth surface flaws, including stains or discoloration that resists professional teeth whitening treatments. Here are some problems solved by tooth bonding:

  • Tooth chips
  • Oddly shaped tooth
  • Minor gaps between teeth
  • Tooth enamel damage
  • Yellowing from thinning tooth enamel or intrinsic stains

Cosmetic dentistry offers numerous solutions if you’re excited about improving your smile. Our goal is to help you regain your self-confidence with a smile that looks as healthy as possible. To learn more about our cosmetic services or to schedule a consultation.

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