Digital X-Rays in Oakbrook Terrace

Digital dental x-rays are an essential part of preventative dentistry. Digital x-rays allow our team to look beyond the surface of your teeth and observe your oral health on a deeper level. For example, tooth decay can lie beneath your enamel or just under the gum line, making it impossible to detect with an ordinary visual exam. It is for this reason that we recommend getting routine digital dental x-rays. Any problems our patients may have can be quickly treated or even prevented with the assistance of digital x-rays. 

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Digital dental x-rays are the most efficient way of conducting a thorough evaluation of your oral health. With regular scheduling, we believe that digital x-rays help us to diagnose potential problems early before these problems become serious and pose a threat to your overall health. Severe dental conditions can often only be remedied with costly and complex procedures, and we believe that catching these problems early is the best way to help patients maintain a disease-free and healthy smile. 

Faster, More Precise Diagnosis 

We use digital dental x-rays with the highest resolution images available. Higher resolution images make diagnosing problems easier for the dentist, as he can use this imagery with greater accuracy and detail. 

The high-resolution images also make it possible to detect untreated conditions that can lead to root canal procedures, emergency dental surgeries, and even tooth loss. These preventative measures help our patients avoid the pain, hassle, and cost of such treatments. Additionally, these x-rays help us observe and evaluate your gum and bone health so we can treat or inhibit periodontal (gum) disease. 

How Digital X-Rays Work 

Digital x-rays are simple and painless for patients. First, we place a small digital sensor in your mouth to capture an image of your teeth and jaws. We move the sensor around each section of your mouth, so we get a full map of your mouth. The sensor then sends the images to our treatment room monitors, where we can instantly view your teeth, jawbones, and any underlying structures like unerupted or impacted wisdom teeth. In a matter of minutes, you and your dentist can see x-ray images of your entire oral cavity. 

digital dental x-rays in Oakbrook terraceAdvantages of Digital X-Rays 

Digital dental x-rays reduce the amount of emitted radiation by as much as 80 percent, making them very safe to use. In fact, you can get more radiation from spending a day in the sun than you can from getting a digital dental x-ray! We believe the health benefits of routine digital x-rays outweigh the risk, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office. 

In addition to being ultra-safe, digital dental x-rays can be reviewed instantly, right in the comfort of our private treatment rooms. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we will be able to promptly treat your condition or discomfort based on your immediate x-ray images. No more weeks of waiting or figuring out the next step; we can help you here and now. 

Finally, digital dental x-rays allow us to monitor your oral health effectively and quickly offer a diagnosis. With digital images, our team can zoom in, adjust exposure, and modify the contrast for more detailed and accurate information about your smile. 

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