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What is the Bioclear Method?

Minimally invasive dentistry describes a different approach to dental restorations that focuses on using more conservative methods to save as much natural tooth material as possible. Along with a foundation of preventive dentistry, the goal is early detection of a dental issue, like a cavity, that can result in a smaller-scale treatment.

But in cases where tooth damage is too extensive, we can avoid replacing the tooth or compromising what is left using the Bioclear Method. We use this treatment to restore worn, broken, or discolored teeth.

The Bioclear system provides a specialized composite material similar to that used for tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding with added ingredients to support its application. We use unique injection molding techniques to cover a compromised tooth with denser composites that more thoroughly fill your natural tooth material.

How Bioclear Differs from Dental Veneers

The differences between the Bioclear Method and the application of a dental veneer illustrate the ideas behind minimally invasive dentistry. Each method restores a tooth with surface damage, but a dental veneer requires that we remove a portion of your tooth enamel so the veneer fits smoothly onto your tooth.

A Bioclear restoration does not require that we remove any tooth material because your repair is molded over your natural tooth. So as each restoration ages over years and even decades, a dental veneer will always need to be replaced because of the material removed during its placement. A Bioclear restoration leaves your natural tooth more intact for future flexibility.

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