Children's Dentist in Oakbrook Terrace

Your child’s health and wellbeing are your priority, and we want to help you care for your child’s teeth and gums as they continue to grow. Dr. George Rivera cares for patients of all ages, including children. From infants and toddlers to school-age children and teens, Dr. Rivera believes that no teeth are too tiny for exceptional dental care. 

baby with teeth in oakbrook terraceGeorge Rivera, DDS provides compassionate children’s dentistry to Oakbrook Terrace and the surrounding areas. When it comes to your youngster’s teeth, our dental team has experience and skills you can trust.

Healthy Smiles That Last a Lifetime 

The American Dental Association recommends scheduling your child’s first dental exam after their first tooth erupts, or no later than their first birthday. Remaining proactive in your child’s oral health journey is important, which is why we also suggest children visit the dentist every six months. However, your dentist may offer a different recommendation based on your child’s health and risk factors.

At George Rivera, DDS, our goal is to help maintain your child’s dental health as they enter adulthood, so they can live a healthy, disease-free life. We believe in establishing good oral health habits that will last a lifetime, which is why we focus on prevention and patient education. 

Kid-Friendly Dental Exams and Cleanings 

Dental exams and cleanings are integral to preventive care for patients of all ages, especially children. Dental exams allow us to monitor your child’s oral health and spot any potential issues early, such as tooth decay, bone structure alignment, and jaw development. During a dental exam, our dentist or hygienist will carefully check your child’s teeth for cavities and thoroughly clean their teeth. 

We may also apply fluoride or a sealant to reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay. In addition to completing a comprehensive oral health evaluation, we will also take dental x-rays or perform another diagnostic procedure to ensure your child’s oral health is exactly where it should be. From dietary recommendations to brushing instructions, Dr. Rivera makes sure each patient has a chance for a brighter, healthier smile. 

At-Home Dental Care for Kids 

Your child’s everyday habits are crucial to their oral health, and establishing good oral hygiene early in life is important. Once you lay the foundation of excellent dental care at home, your child will likely continue practicing good oral habits into adulthood. 

mother and child brushing teeth in oakbrook terrace il

To maintain excellent hygiene at home, we recommend that you and your child do these four things:

  1. Brush twice daily - You can use a soft-bristled, colorful toothbrush with their favorite movie character to make it more fun. We also recommend using kid-friendly, ADA-approved toothpaste. 
  2. Floss once daily - Be sure to clean between your child’s teeth to remove lingering food debris and cavity-causing bacteria. 
  3. Eat a healthy diet - Food and drinks high in sugar and starch can wreak havoc on your child’s teeth. Instead, opt for fruit, vegetables, and water.  
  4. Visit the dentist every six to 12 months - Regularly scheduled dental visits can help your child maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums.

Your child’s health and wellbeing are your priority, and we want to help you care for your child’s teeth and gums as they continue to grow. Depending on your child’s age, Dr. Rivera can give you specific instructions on how to best care for your child’s teeth and gums at home.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Visit Today! 

We take great pride in being your trusted dental home where your child feels safe and well taken care of. George Rivera, DDS is a nurturing, non-judgmental environment where your young ones can receive the best dental care available in a calm and friendly setting. 

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