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When should I begin bringing my child in for dental appointments?

While the American Dental Association suggests that your child’s first visit come with their first tooth erupts, we recommend that you consider their oral health even as infants. For example, even before teeth are visible, your baby’s gums are exposed to plaque-causing bacteria, fed by formula, breast milk, or drinks other than the water you provide for your child. You can gently clean their gums with a piece of gauze or a soft, infant washcloth around your finger.

These practices are not only good for your child’s oral health, but they also make it normal for you to look at the inside of their mouth or touch their gums and teeth. The intent is that when they do visit Dr. Rivera for the first time, they are already accustomed to an examination of their teeth.

After Your Child’s First Dental Visit

We strongly recommend that you remain proactive with your child’s teeth through regular visits and an excellent home-care routine. Dr. Rivera can help predict specific issues by watching how your child’s teeth come in. If they are more susceptible to tooth decay, he can recognize that and help with preventive treatments like fluoride and dental sealants.

We believe in establishing good oral health habits that will last a lifetime, so we focus on prevention, at-home care, and patient education.

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