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What is minimally invasive dentistry?

Minimally invasive dentistry (MID) means that when we provide any treatment, we do so in the most conservative manner possible. The goal of MID is to keep as many of your teeth intact for as long as possible because that’s the best way to maintain a healthy smile.

One example of MID is using tooth-colored composite fillings instead of silver fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are more aesthetic, blend perfectly with your smile, and are a healthy alternative to metal fillings.

Fillings That Protect Tooth Structure

Metal fillings were widely used for decades but came with several problems. These fillings contain mercury that most people don’t want in their mouths. They also create a dark spot in a tooth that detracts from a smile’s bright appearance.

When it comes to preserving tooth structure, composite fillings are a much more conservative treatment. Placing a metal filling requires a procedure called undercutting, where the dentist removes significant tooth structure to place a stable filling.

With tooth-colored composite fillings, our dentist in Oakbrook Terrace removes only the decayed portion, then bonds the material directly to the tooth without the need to remove more structure.

Minimally-Invasive Dentistry in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

The goal of minimally invasive dentistry is to ensure that your teeth are healthy and functional throughout your life. With MID, Dr. Rivera can provide the treatment you need without compromising the tooth structure we seek to preserve.

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