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Are digital x-rays safe?

Modern digital x-rays in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, emit far less radiation than their ancestor, the radiograph. With digital x-rays, your exposure is equal to about an hour in the sun.

Additionally, you’ll likely not have x-rays at every dental visit. If nothing is suspicious during your exam and you have no complaints about tooth pain or other changes, your dentist may forgo x-rays until your next dental checkup.

Periodic x-rays have been deemed medically safe for adults and children alike. And without occasional x-rays, you can have a potential issue that worsens over time because it isn’t diagnosed.

Other Benefits of Digital X-Rays Near Me

Digital x-rays offer a clearer image for your dentist, aiding in diagnostics and treatment planning. And they can be resized for even better viewing.

Finally, we store digital x-rays electronically, requiring no chemicals or paper to produce, making them better for the environment. Additional benefits to digital storing include sharing x-rays electronically with insurance providers and select labs and specialists. And digital x-rays are stored safely and permanently transferable.  

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