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George Rivera, DDS
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I'm afraid to go to the dentist. Do you have any techniques to help me relax?

We understand that some patients may feel afraid or anxious about their dental visit. Because your comfort is important to us, we provide different techniques to help you relax during your treatment.

One of the ways we help nervous patients relax is by using noninvasive sedation dentistry. We use The Wand for single tooth anesthesia and oral sedation when requested. 

  • The Wand is a slender, probe-like tool that delivers anesthesia to one specific tooth, inhibiting the patient from feeling pain or discomfort during treatment. No one enjoys getting poked and prodded, especially when they’re sitting in a dental chair. The Wand eliminates our reliance on anesthetic syringes of the past. 
  • Prescribed by your physician or dentist, oral sedation typically comes in pill form and stays in the body’s system longer than single tooth anesthesia. 

Compassionate and Gentle Dentistry 

The last thing we want to do is push our patients to their limit or upset them. We simply want the best for your health, and we will never make you feel obligated or pressured into treatment.

To learn more about how we manage dental anxiety, contact one of our care team members.

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