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3 Ways to Quickly Enhance Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

July 27, 2022
Posted By: George Rivera, DDS, Staff
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If you feel like your smile could use a boost, the good news is that your trusted Oakbrook Terrace cosmetic dentist has options for you, and they may not be as time-consuming as you think! Believe it or not, there are some quick ways to improve your smile and build confidence.

#1 Professional Teeth Whitening

A quick and affordable way to boost your smile is to bleach your teeth. Dr. Rivera offers take-home and in-office teeth whitening treatments that can lighten your teeth six to ten shades!

In-office bleaching offers immediate results in around 90 minutes. In addition, take-home trays are customized and allow you to brighten your smile based on your own schedule.

#2 Enamel Microabrasion

This is a conservative procedure that Dr. Rivera uses to remove stubborn discoloration or white spots from teeth. In this procedure, your teeth are isolated, gently polished with an acid abrasion slurry mix, and then rinsed and cleaned afterward. This is an excellent option for removing stubborn intrinsic stains that professional teeth whitening treatments can't remove. 

#3 The Bioclear Method

This restorative treatment is non-invasive and uses a composite that Dr. Rivera carefully shapes and polishes so it blends flawlessly with your tooth. Your Chicago cosmetic dentist can use Bioclear to eliminate these types of cosmetic concerns:

  • Discolorations or dark spots on teeth
  • Tooth size or shape discrepancies
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Decayed, worn, or weakened teeth
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth

Would You Like to Learn More About What's Possible for Your Smile in Oakbrook Terrace?

Dr. Rivera has helped hundreds of patients in Chicago reclaim their smiles and confidence with cosmetic dentistry. He focuses on using minimally invasive dental techniques that allow you to keep your own natural tooth structure as much as possible. 

Call our Oakbrook Terrace dental office at (630) 592-4949 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Rivera.



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