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Many athletes may have complained that stock mouth guards can feel bulky and uncomfortable. Some of these removable oral appliances also impede the easy passage of air. These factors tempt some athletes to forgo using their mouth guard during games and practices, which leaves them at heightened risk for severe oral trauma.

In some of these scenarios a hard blow to the mouth can impact a single tooth or the surrounding gums with so much force that it may separate the tooth from its periodontal socket, or badly fractures it at the gumline. Many of these cases distress the tooth so severely that emergency treatment calls for removing whatever remains of the existing dental root and suturing the gums.

Once all the traumatized tissues have fully healed our dentist, Dr. George Rivera, can help you understand your options for restoring the tooth. Many patients in this position may choose a dental implant restoration.

The treatment process starts with our dentist performing a simple procedure to insert a titanium dental implant into the healthy bone tissues beneath the void. In time the titanium will form a very strong bond with the surrounding tissues to replicate the strength of the tooth’s root.

Once this occurs our dentist can prepare an abutment strong enough to support a dental crown restoration, which will replicate the physical presence and function of the original tooth.

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